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Hi, I'm Chris Wysocki.

And, I'm having a great time laughing with our daughter Sophie. We took this picture while on vacation in Cape Cod in the summer of 2006. You can see all the vacation pictures by clicking here.

I am playing around with blogging software. I started my own blog, it's You've probably noticed that this page hasn't been updated lately. I promise that I'll update the blog a lot more frequently!

Sophie Alexis Wysocki is now 6 years old! She is growing like a weed, her size 8 clothes barely fit anymore, and it seems like she needs new shoes every other week. At 57 pounds, it's getting harder to carry her up to bed, although she really likes it when I do.

To make this page load faster, I redesigned it, took out a lot of the old cruft, and moved all the Sophie picture updates to their own page. Click this link to see them. I've been pretty consistent about updating the pictures over there too. There is now also a convenient list of quick links on the top right of this page.

Back in 1996, I taught an adult ed class called "Intro to the Internet". Those were the days of dialup modems and AOL. The web was just starting to catch on, and I spent more time going over how to configure your modem than I did on how to use the web. One thing I did do was put together a set of quick & dirty web pages with some "useful" links on them. I encouraged the students to experiment with viewing the links on those pages when they got signed on to the net. The last time I updated those pages was in 1999. Yet, they still get up to 50 hits per day. What's up with that? Google and Yahoo and MSN indexed them, and for whatever bizarre reason, every day bunches of folks find them in a search and click on thru. Here's the original link from 1996. Have at it, although I can't imagine why you'd want to.

OK, now some more about me.

Would you believe that I haven't updated the stuff about me since 1999??? That's what having a kid will do to you. She's way more interesting than I am anyway.

I now have a Blackberry 8700C, and my office email is always at my fingertips. This is "good", since I can monitor our client's production jobs no matter where I happen to be. It's "bad" too, because some of those clients think that I absolutely must answer their questions at 10 o'clock at night.

I work at Data Life Associates in Verona, NJ. They tell me I'm in charge of technology and software development. Basically, that means I get to do all the tough projects. On the positive side, it means that I get to define all the "big picture" stuff like client/server system architectures and computing platforms. I'm also the VMS systems administrator, the networking guru, and head of computer security. And, when somebody encounters a particularly difficult-to-track-down bug, they make me find it (and fix it).

I've been married to my wife Tammy for 19 years (since October 14, 1989). I stole her away from one of Data Life's former clients in California. Now that she's a Jersey Girl, Tammy has devoted her spare time to fixing up and decorating our 100 year old house. Career-wise, she is a telecom analyst and she hangs her hat at Consultedge in Whippany where she is an Avaya Enterprise System Administrator. She also works as an interior designer. Anybody who has seen our house knows she's got the knack for it, and she even has a website -

Aside from all the Sophie picture updates, I occasionally put together pages of other random pictures. In June 2006, we spent a weekend with our friends Mary & Antonio at their new cabin in the Catskills. They recently invited us back, naturally I took more pictures.

In July 2005, my friend Chris Nadovich threw a big BBQ, where the main attraction was Spiedies.

Back before I even had a digital camera, our friend Susy Nichols took these pictures of us as we headed out to celebrate Y2K.

More interesting stuff will go here so stay tuned!

This page is hosted on a Digital VAXstation 4000-60 running VMS V7.3 and the Ohio State (OSU DECthreads) http server written by David Jones. Click here for the index to the documentation. This Vax is also our main mail hub, running MX V5.4 from MadGoat Software.

Because I've had to deal with too many sites that don't, I have tried to make this page (and all my other pages) Lynx friendly.

Please be sure to read this disclaimer. Thank you.

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